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The two are also seeking the Talismans for different purposes and come into conflict with the other Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Pluto returns to the present day as Setsuna Meioh; Chibiusa also returns, now donning her own magical girl identity of Sailor Chibi Moon.

The Death Busters eventually discover that Haruka and Michiru hold two of the Talismans and acquire them at the cost of their lives, but Setsuna — who holds the third — revives them.

The Talismans create the Holy Grail, allowing Usagi to acquire a second form: Unknown to her, Hotaru is also Sailor Saturn , a Sailor Soldier capable of destroying and rebirthing entire planets.

She then tricks Usagi into handing over the Holy Grail, allowing her to summon Pharaoh 90 to destroy the Earth.

Hotaru awakens as Sailor Saturn and intends to sacrifice herself to stop Pharaoh 90, but Usagi is able to activate her Super form to both destroy Pharaoh 90 and rescue Hotaru.

Afterwards, Hotaru is reborn as a baby and returned to her father, now freed from the influence of the Death Busters.

Chibiusa remains in the present day to train as a Sailor Soldier. She meets an alicorn named Pegasus who forms a secret relationship with her through her dreams.

Pegasus also aids the Sailor Soldiers by upgrading them to permanent Super forms and lending his power when summoned by Chibiusa. The new powers are used to combat the Dead Moon Circus , a mysterious circus troupe that targets humans with beautiful dreams.

By looking into their Dream Mirrors, they hope to find the dream in which Pegasus is hiding, believing Pegasus possesses the Golden Crystal. Queen Nehelenia was once a queen of her own kingdom that was absorbed by vanity.

In fear of losing her beauty, she consumed the dreams of her subjects to stay young. Although she obtains the Golden Crystal, she is betrayed by the Amazoness Quartet who gives the crystal to Chibiusa.

Using the crystal, Queen Nehelenia is defeated and begins to wither with age, forcing her back into the mirror she was once sealed within.

Helios returns to his home world of Elysion. Queen Nehelenia returns when Sailor Galaxia frees her and encourages her to seek revenge against the Sailor Soldiers.

She targets Mamoru and places a curse on him that will ultimately kill him and erase Chibiusa from existence. Shortly after these events, Mamoru leaves for the United States to study abroad while Usagi and her friends enter high school.

Chibiusa also returns to her own time. The Starlights are searching for their ruler, Princess Kakyuu. A young girl — nicknamed Chibichibi because of her inability to say anything other than "chibi" — also appears and begins living with Usagi.

She once ended the Sailor Wars by sealing Chaos — the source of all malice — within her body. This includes Mamoru who was targeted before he arrived in the United States.

With normalcy restored, Usagi and Mamoru share a kiss under a full moon. Naoko Takeuchi developed the Sailor Moon anime for one season.

The basic idea of the second season, introducing the daughter of Sailor Moon from the future, came from her editor, Fumio Osano.

Sailor Moon sparked a highly successful merchandising campaign of over 5, items, [15] which contributed to demand internationally and translation into numerous languages.

Sailor Moon has since become one of the most famous anime properties in the world. The series also began rebroadcasting in Italy in Autumn , receiving permission from Naoko Takeuchi , who released new artwork to promote its return.

Sailor Stars , respectively. The seasons each roughly correspond to one of the five major story arcs of the manga, following the same general storyline and including most of the same characters.

The anime series was sold as 20 volumes in Japan. By the end of , each volume had sold approximately , copies. Bob Summers wrote a new background score.

Due to the success of these reruns, the remaining seventeen episodes also aired on the block. In , Cloverway Inc.

On May 16, , North American manga and anime distributor Viz Media announced that it had acquired the Sailor Moon anime series, as well as the three films and specials for an English-language release in North America, allowing Viz to restore the removed content from the first 89 episodes.

Some scenes of brief nudity and bathing were also censored, [37] and any type of violence including violence against children were also removed.

At the time, it was unusual for anime theme songs to be translated, and this was one of the first such themes to be redone in English since Star Blazers.

The Movie , came eighth. The first VHS was released on July 25, Mass-produced individual 6-episode DVDs were released beginning on May 21, The international home release structure of Sailor Moon is complicated by the licensing and release of the companies involved in producing and distributing the work.

During its broadcast run, three theatrical animated Sailor Moon films were produced. The films were usually released in December in accordance with the winter vacations of Japanese schools.

They were typically double features paired up with other anime films, and were thus, usually an hour or less in length. The films themselves offer contradictions in both chronology and design that make them incompatible with a single continuity.

The first was Sailor Moon R: The Movie in , followed by Sailor Moon S: The Movie in All three films were later rescued for an uncut home video release by Viz Media.

Originally planned to run for only six months, the Sailor Moon anime repeatedly continued due to its popularity, concluding after a five-year run.

Sailor Moon has also become popular internationally. Spain and France became the first countries outside Japan to air Sailor Moon , beginning in December Critics have commended the anime series for its portrayal of strong friendships, [71] as well as for its large cast of "strikingly different" characters who have different dimensions and aspects to them as the story continues, [72] and for an ability to appeal to a wide audience.

Criticism has singled out its use of formulaic plots, monsters of the day , [77] and stock footage. Patrick Drazen states that Sailor Moon has two kinds of villains, the "monster of the day" and the "thinking, feeling humans.

Executives connected with Sailor Moon suggest that poor localization played a role. Due to anti-Japanese sentiment , most Japanese media other than anime was banned for several decades in South Korea.

A producer in KBS "did not even try to buy" Sailor Moon because the producer thought it would not pass the censorship laws, but as of April , Sailor Moon was airing on KBS 2 without issues and was "enormously" popular.

Princess Sailor Moon is a powerful combination of Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity that only exists in the live-action series.

She is introduced when Usagi is possessed by the spirit of her former self. She originally appears after Queen Beryl takes the shitennou hostage in exchange for Mamoru.

Princess Sailor Moon is not the same person as Usagi and they have different personalities. Princess Sailor Moon shows no remorse for the fate of the Four Kings of Heaven and she refers to Mamoru as "Endymion" rather than using his civilian name.

She is always angry, and has no misgivings about causing death or destruction. It is also shown that Princess Serenity has full control of the upgrade.

Though smiling in most promotional material for the series, Princess Sailor Moon does not smile in the series itself until the end, after reconciling with Usagi.

During a confrontation with her current self as Princess Sailor Moon, Serenity tells Usagi that she would have no qualms about destroying the world if Endymion were taken from her again.

Usagi pleads with Serenity not to overuse her powers, but Serenity refuses. Afraid that she will eventually destroy the world, Usagi tires to suppress her powers.

Usagi initially succeeds but avoiding negative thoughts. Serenity even summons her own minions to fight the other Sailor Guardians to prevent them from stopping her.

Princess Sailor Moon successfully destroys the world once again, but Serenity eventually realizes the extent to which she is responsible for this.

Princess Sailor Moon has a sword that can deflect enemy attacks or unleash devastating projectiles. The sword also doubles as a harp with invisible strings that Princess Sailor Moon plays while mourning her lost prince.

Other than the healing powers, the exact effect of playing the harp is unclear, but it often causes her Silver Crystal to feed the power of Queen Metaria, accelerating the devastation of the planet.

Short Stories volume 1. During the second major story arc , it is revealed that Usagi, as Serenity, will eventually become the queen regnant of a new Silver Millennium called Crystal Tokyo, in the 30th century.

She is first seen in this future form in act 16 of the manga and episode 68 of the anime. Usagi learns that she will be given the title "Sovereign of Earth ", and Mamoru will become King Endymion alongside her.

It is stated in the anime that she becomes Neo-Queen Serenity after warding off a second Ice Age, though the specifics of this are never discussed.

This incarnation is shown to be more mature than the present day Usagi, though she is still childish in some ways.

For example, in episode , Chibiusa gives the Sailor Soldiers a letter from the future, in which the Queen asks them to train her, but the letter is simplistic and contains almost no kanji.

In episode , Diana says that the King and Queen would sometimes play sick to get out of things. Letters she sends though the Door of Space-Time to Chibiusa are sometimes signed with a drawing of herself and sometimes King Endymion instead of a name.

In the manga, Neo-Queen Serenity tells the present-day Sailor Soldiers that after she became queen, she lost her power as a Sailor Soldier.

In the second arc of the anime she does not transform into Sailor Moon even when the others do. However, she is seen showing great powers in a flashback when the King Endymion of the future describes the great feats of Neo-Queen Serenity during the time she brought about peace.

She wears an altered version of the dress she wore as a princess. The shoulder pieces are omitted and a large, wing-shaped bow replaces the smaller one of the princess outfit.

She also wears a crown and new earrings. The crescent moon is always visible on her forehead, just as it is with her princess form.

Her face and facial expressions are drawn to look more mature than the 20th century Usagi, but her iconic hairstyle is retained. This form is the one that Chibiusa considers as truly being her mother, while she sees the Usagi of the past as a sister figure.

Usagi can transform into a "Sailor Soldier" by wearing a special device usually a brooch and shouting a special command that activates the device.

She gains a new basic transformation sequence for each of the five major story arcs. When facing off with Nehelenia for the final time, the brooch is permanently upgraded allowing her to become Eternal Sailor Moon directly.

Feathers and wings also figure prominently in some sequences, particularly the transformation into Eternal Sailor Moon. As the protagonist and leader, Usagi has the most special powers of any character in the series.

Her physical attacks, usually one-offs and not always successful, include the occasional use of her hair pins as projectile weapons. The first English-dubbed anime sometimes calls it the Imperium Silver Crystal as well as various other names.

The Crystal possesses tremendous power, capable of reviving an entire world from ruin. However, the strain of using such power often costs the user her life, as the power derives from the life force of the Moon dynasty.

The first time is in a flashback with Queen Serenity; the second time when Usagi defeats Queen Metaria at the end of season one; and finally in the R movie.

Both the anime, manga and second anime series commonly portray the Silver Crystal as possibly the single most powerful artifact in the universe, able to focus the energy of its wielder to perform magnificent feats.

In the fifth series of the anime, the crystal also appears to double as the Star Seed of Sailor Moon, which was hinted at in the R movie, and the manga implies that it is her Sailor Crystal.

It takes on a multitude of shapes, including round, diamond, rose, heart, star, and lotus , and it turns pink while stored within the brooches of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.

Because Chibiusa comes from the future — having eventually inherited the Silver Crystal from Usagi — two versions of it exist in the series. After the first and second story arcs, the owners of the crystals keep them in their respective transformation brooches and only remove them in times of urgent need.

The original anime features seven rainbow crystals that had the Seven Great Monsters the most powerful monsters in the Dark Kingdom sealed into them.

They were then carried to Earth where they were reincarnated centuries later, with no memories of their prior existences. She also had a mask, which did appear in a few chapters of the manga before being discarded.

Takeuchi would put her own hair up in odango before difficult classes or exams. Her editor, Fumio Osano, told her that silver hair would be too plain for cover art.

Her name is structured as a pun , as the syllable "no" indicates a possessive , so her name can also be understood as "Rabbit of the Moon.

In the Japanese version of every Sailor Moon anime series and subsequent related media, Usagi has been voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi. For this role, Mitsuishi used a higher voice than her natural one.

During recording sessions of the early episodes, Mitsuishi had to mentally prepare herself to play Usagi. She wanted the character to "have a lot more fun and just be a goofy teenager.

When Sailor Venus first appeared in the anime, the others asked her if she was the Moon Princess, and she told them she was not; however, in the manga and live action series she actively posed as a decoy princess at first.

Dia was revealed not to be the princess, but when Usagi encountered Tuxedo Mask memories of her past life were stirred slightly, both when she danced with Tuxedo Mask and when he kissed her on the balcony.

These activities made her feel nostalgic. Mamoru Chiba had grown up not knowing who he really was due to a car crash when he was six years old that took the life of his parents and left him with amnesia.

Therefore, when he began to dream of a beautiful woman telling him to find the Silver Crystal in order to discover his identity, he could not refuse.

In the anime these dreams also helped him realise he was Tuxedo Mask. The woman who appeared in these dreams was the Moon Princess and she was always hidden in shadows and mist.

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